Drive Cades Cove and Hear its History
Told in the Style of a Radio Drama!

Auto Tour of Cades Cove


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in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee"
by Cabin Fever Vacations.


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"A very unique audio tour…"
Cabin Fever Vacations.

"We enjoyed the driving tour we downloaded and played in the car - really enhanced our experience."
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(*Note:  Download it now – there’s no reception once you’re
inside the Smoky Mountains National Park!*)

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Imagine driving Cades Cove in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and wondering who the people were who lived there - what they were like - how they lived - what adventures they had experienced? 

Or –

Imagine driving it with Robinwing's "Auto Tour of Cades Cove."  Now, as you drive, you and your friends and family experience Cades Cove's history as if you were listening to a radio drama...

  • You will hear about John and Lurena Oliver and their little daughter Polly, the first pioneers into Cades Cove, as unexpected events suddenly threaten their lives...

  • You will watch as the nineteenth century's remarkable spiritual revivals - known as the "Great Awakenings" - sweep the nation and Cades Cove, each one bringing increased compassion and progress, as well as some unforeseen changes...

  • You will learn about Dr. Calvin Post - a scientist and avid abolitionist - whose beautiful home was suspected of being a station on the Underground Railroad...

  • You will listen as Russell Gregory - an aging member of Cades Cove - rallies the community to protect itself during the Civil War, unaware of the ironic twist of fate his actions will bring to him, personally...

  • And you will be there as the Industrial Revolution brings electric lights and the telephone to the community - as well as the opportunity for a few pranks to the mischievous daughter of Dan Lawson!
All this is yours for about the price of a single movie ticket.  And - like stepping into a movie, you get this and more as you stand on the very ground where it happened, breathing the air they breathed, touching the walls of the cabins in which they lived, and surrounded by the scenery of the Smoky Mountains they called home.  You are THERE!


“I downloaded a driving tour to my iPhone from [Robinwing] ahead of the trip. 
We played it through the car speakers and never had a dull moment.  We knew all about the
family that lived in each cabin before stopping to explore and got a great feel for living in the
cove and the personal stories of many inhabitants.

“Cades Cove by itself is amazing, having the audio tour to go along with it made it out of this world!”

– C.M.O., Orlando, FL; TripAdvisor Reviewer


Driving Cades Cove without the Robinwing tour is like watching a movie
with the sound turned off…

Download the “Auto Tour of Cades Cove” now!


ATTENTION:  You must download this tour now - there is no reception once you are inside the park.


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Parents Guide: 
If this were a movie, it would be rated G or a mild PG – appropriate for all ages. 
Again, it is best compared to an old-fashioned radio drama.

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Directions to Cades Cove:

From Gatlinburg:  Take 441 into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Turn at the Sugarlands Visitor Center.  Take Little River Road to Laurel Creek Road, which will take you straight into Cades Cove.  Signs clearly point you to Cades Cove throughout the Park.

From Pigeon Forge:  Turn at Traffic light #3 onto Wears Valley Road and take 321 to Townsend. Turn Left onto highway 73 and drive until you see the sign for Cades Cove. Make the right onto Laurel Creek Road, which will take you straight into Cades Cove.